Generation Pipeline (GPL) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety.  We want to make sure our operations remain as safe as possible to protect you the public, our employees, and the pipeline’s operational integrity.  The GPL pipeline system is a very safe, reliable, and efficient pipeline for transporting natural gas. Precise engineering standards are followed in the design, testing, installation, and maintenance of our pipeline.  

GPL has a regular program for surface patrol of the pipeline to observe surface conditions on and adjacent to the pipeline rights-of-way for indications of leaks, construction activity, and other factors affecting safety and operation.  Since pipelines are buried underground, signs and line markers are used to indicate the approximate location of our pipeline along the route.

PIPELINE MARKERS ARE IMPORTANT.  Our pipeline is well marked at road crossing, fence lines, ditches, railroad crossings, rivers, creeks, etc. with yellow markers, as shown below.  The markers display the material transported in the line, the name of the pipeline operator, and a telephone number where the operator can be reached.  Installation of pipeline markers is mandated by federal law and landowners should ensure that all pipeline markers are protected and maintained at all times.  PIPELINE MARKERS SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED.

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IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE A GAS LEAK.  We make periodic leakage surveys of our pipeline as part of our operating and maintenance program.  However, leaks can occur or be caused by external forces in the time period between our patrols and leakage surveys.  We ask your help in immediately reporting and assisting us should you suspect a gas leak, or see activity on or near our rights-of-way which might cause damage to our pipelines.

Natural gas cannot be seen, nor can it be smelled unless treated with an odorant.  GPL adds a harmless chemical to its natural gas to give it that distinctive odor of ‘rotten eggs’ so that you can detect even the smallest amounts which might escape.  Be alert for the following telltale signs on or near the pipeline rights-of-way:

1.  Whiffs of a ‘rotten egg’ odor or petroleum odor.

2.  A hissing sound or shrill blowing / roaring noise.

3.  Dirt or water being blown or thrown into the air.

4.  Bubbles appearing on the surface of water.

5.  Patches of brown vegetation in a green field.

6.  Dry spot on a moist field.


WHEN YOU SUSPECT A GAS LEAKCONTACT GPL IMMEDIATELY.  Your immediate action is required for the following: 

1. Shut down and abandon any equipment being used on the rights-of-way.
2. Avoid open flame or other ignition sources, including motor vehicles.
3. Evacuate the area.
4. Do not attempt to extinguish a fully involved fire.
5. Do not operate any pipeline valves.
6. Remain upwind.
7. Notify GPL at 1 – 888 – 497 – 5665.



1. Shut down the pipeline.
2. Close valves to isolate the problem.
3. Identify hazardous areas.
4. Protect the environment.
5. Excavate and repair the damaged pipeline.

PIPELINE RIGHTS-OF-WAY.  A pipeline right-of-way is a strip of land over and around pipelines where some of the property owner’s legal rights have been sold to a pipeline company.  The right-of-way agreement (easement) provides a permanent, limited interest in the land that enables the pipeline company to operate, test, inspect repair, maintain, replace, and protect one or more pipelines on the property owned by others.  The agreement may vary the rights and widths of the right-of-way, but generally, the pipeline company’s right-of-ways extend 25 feet from each side of a pipeline unless special conditions exist.


 GPL has established specific guidelines for property development to set back away from the pipelines as follows: 

 New House / Edifice:  50 – foot

 Addition to Existing Structure:  50 – foot

 Unoccupied Permanent Structure:  50 – foot

 Garage / Barn:  50 – foot

 Deck / Patio:  50 – foot

 Swimming Pool / Pond:  50 – foot

 Moveable Structure / Shed:  25 – foot

Water Well:  25 – foot

Septic Tank / Leach Field:  25 – foot

Mail Box / Yard Light:  10 – foot

If there are further questions or comments, please contact Generation Pipeline at (614) 505-7210.