Generation Pipeline takes pride in the relationships we have built with the communities surrounding our pipelines.   We aim to be a good neighbor in the community and a steward of the land on which our operations take place.  Generation has a strong track record of developing high quality natural gas projects which involve partnerships with communities and landowners to plan/construct our pipelines and facilities to the highest of standards.

Generation’s operations revolve around a focus on and commitment to safety and the environment.  This responsibility starts with our right-of-way agents, who work with landowners to draft agreements to place pipelines on their property in a way that minimizes the impact not only on the landowner itself, but on the surrounding environment. This focus on safety and the environment extends through the design and construction phases of our projects and continues with regular inspections and maintenance of our pipelines and their respective rights-of-way.

We will always conduct all of our operations in an environmentally conscientious manner and are fully committed to working with landowners and communities in order to maintain high quality natural gas service while preserving the quality of the land, air, and waterways in the communities in which we operate.

For landowner inquiries, please contact us at: (614) 505-7210